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Saturday, 28 July 2007

up pics

I've just posted some pics from my recent trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula on my photos page. Here's a taster...

Some of the State natural resource manager I met with spoke about the 'Maple-ization' of the forests in the western UP - whilst a native of these forests, the economic value of Maple wood is leading to the removal of other Northern Hardwood species and an (over) dominance of Maple.

The Mackinac Bridge, linking the Upper and Lower peninsulas of Michigan, celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Currently the third-longest Suspension Bridge in the world (at 1.7 miles of suspended roadway) it was originally dubbed the 'Bridge to Nowhere'. Now however, it provides a vital (though recently decreasing) influx of tourist dollars to the UP. Whilst impressive, IMHO the Mackinac Bridge doesn't have a patch on the Bristolian's beloved Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Many of those tourists crossing the Mackinac Bridge head to Tahquamenon Falls. The second largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi (after Niagra), at peak flow more than 50,000 gallons of water per second flow over the edge.

Checkout the location of these pics, and others I took on my trip, at the photos page.

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